Everything you do has an impact. Our actions shape the world and every single step makes a difference. That's why at BUFF® we have decided to go further: it is time to care more, act more and protect more. Our people, our processes and our projects are our keys to help to make a better world.


We partnered with Repreve® to develop a recycled polyester fabric for our products - made from clear plastic bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Over 2 million plastic bottles have been reused by BUFF® and we are still counting. In short, if we can give something a second life, we do!


Collectively, we need to reduce our use of natural resources. That’s why our team is actively seeking out like-minded suppliers backed by certifications. BUFF® adheres to ISO 14001 by meeting all the requirements for environmental auditing, performance, labeling, and lifecycle assessments.


Anything we can’t reuse in our own processes, we work to re-purpose in a different way. For example, the paper used in our design process becomes newspapers and leftover textile scraps are upcycled into carpeting for cars. BUFF® has recycled over 19 Tons of textiles, 85 Tons of cardboard and 107 Tons of paper, nothing can stop us!

care more


Our people is what make us better. Every person counts and treating them all with care and respect is our true compromise. That's why we work every day to improve the well-being of our workers and why we are continusly expanding our network of local suppliers. The final goal, a more sustainable production.


As a company, we have the great opportunity to help our planet using our own resources. We are extremely pride of actively participating in eco projects for the preservation of nature; from local initiatives to international projects. BUFF® is truly compromised to make the world a better place.

act more
protect more


Our DNA lies behind each one of our products and production processes, designed and greated to minimize environemental risks. Increasing our ranges of natural fiber and recycled products and reducing the size of our packaging are humble gift to the ecosystem. Going further, we have reinvented our most iconic products as our microfiber ranges will be created using exclusively fabrics made of recycled bottles.



RECYCLED BOTTLES  - We have recycled over 408.354 bottles and we are still counting!

SELECTIVE RECYCLING - We recycle plastics and paper materials to minimize the total amount of generated wastes.

WATER-BASED INK USAGE - We are using inks with a reduced amount of chemical substances at our premises helps us to ensure a more healthy and safe work environment.

PACKAGING SIZE REDUCTION - Reducing a quarter the size of our packaging to save over 75 tones of cardboard of carbon per year and reducing CO2 emissions by 18%.

RECYCLED AND NATURAL FIBERS BOOTS - Expanding our range of natural fiber products with a board line of Merino wool articles and most of our key products using our brand new recycled microfiber fabrics.

LOCAL COLLABORATION - We work with local suppliers and providers. 95% of our productions is located in the Barcelona area.